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Welcome to the Remlox website. Remlox is a patent pending, forensic self-collection tool, designed to allow custodians to defensibly “self-collect” a complete sector-by-sector forensic image of their laptop or workstation computers’ hard drive. This rapidly deployable tool utilizes encrypted hard drives to protect the acquired data and electronically stored information (ESI), while in transit and saves thousands of dollars in travel and expert onsite fees. Read our success stories section, to see how this has assisted our clients already. Already used in 35 different countries, Remlox is a proven and defensible solution.

Remlox was created by the Computer Forensics experts at Ricoh Forensics in response to client requests to formulate an inexpensive yet defensible method for forensically acquiring workstation and laptop hard drives, for validated preservation purposes as part of litigious or potentially litigious proceedings, without the need to send computer forensic experts to the client’s premises. In addition, some clients use Remlox to create forensic images of laptops of former employees, prior to redeploying the laptop. This is effective when litigation may follow.

Extensive system audits are performed during the Remlox imaging process, which deploys industry standard DD imaging technology. These audits assist with confirming the validity of the forensic image and provide other useful details about the custodian’s computer. For full details of how Remlox works, click here. A sample system audit is available for download in PDF format by clicking here.

For further information or specific cost information, please use our contact us page.

  Custodian Forensic Self Collection
Deployed by encrypted USB drive, Remlox creates a full and complete forensic image of a custodian's hard drive using DD technology.

Fast Deployment
Ricoh Forensics' computer forensic lab can deploy over 400 Remlox units a week, throughout the United States and beyond.

Simple Interface for Custodian
Custodian simply connects encrypted hard drive, completes on-screen form (name and email address only) and the forensic image of the hard drive is created. Upon completion, the encrypted drive is returned to the pre-addressed shipping box, sealed and placed in a drop box.

System Audits Performed
At the completion of the forensic imaging process, a system audit is performed, providing extensive and verifiable system information. View a sample audit report here.