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During the design, research and development processes, Ricoh Forensics experts extensively considered the deployment of the Remlox tool and how to make it as simple as possible for the custodian, to ensure a successful deployment. Apart from the technological aspects of the tool, the simple deployment and custodian interface become a priority. With this in mind, the custodian use of Remlox is almost foolproof! The process is as easy as plugging in an external USB drive and following simple on screen instructions

10 step process for custodians …..

Receive package from courier, - open, read instructions at custodian’s leisure
Attach encrypted external USB hard drive to laptop/desktop
Remlox automatically starts
Custodian inputs name and email address for identification purposes
Remlox imaging process commences, using verified DD imaging technology
Imaging completes after full hard drive image is created from workstation to external encrypted USB hard drive
Disconnect USB drive
Complete Chain of Custody form
Return USB to box and place in preaddressed courier box (provided), along with completed Chain of Custody documentation
Drop couriers box into nearest drop box
That’s it! The box is returned to the Forensics lab where the system audit files are verified and the files are authenticated. A sample system log is available in PDF format by clicking here.

Technical support is available at (800) 893-5934

  Custodian Forensic Self Collection
Deployed by encrypted USB drive, Remlox creates a full and complete forensic image of a custodian's hard drive using DD technology.

Fast Deployment
Ricoh Forensics' computer forensic lab can deploy over 400 Remlox units a week, throughout the United States and beyond.

Simple Interface for Custodian
Custodian simply connects encrypted hard drive, completes on-screen form (name and email address only) and the forensic image of the hard drive is created. Upon completion, the encrypted drive is returned to the pre-addressed shipping box, sealed and placed in a drop box.

System Audits Performed
At the completion of the forensic imaging process, a system audit is performed, providing extensive and verifiable system information. View a sample audit report here.