Remlox provides considerable cost savings while making logistics simple, when laptops and workstations hard drives require preservation in legal and potential litigious matters. With the use of encrypted hard drives for transportation and forensic image storage, combined with simple deployment, Remlox has proved to be an extremely effective solution for corporations, law firms and individuals alike.

Here are some of the success stories so far ....

Client has 328 locations!

During a recent investigation, Ricoh Forensics was approached by a client who had the obligation to forensically preserve all of the computers used by the sales force. Unfortunately, the sales force were all home workers, spread over 328 domestic locations! - Logistics and costs were going to make this an expensive and difficult to manage project.

Remlox was deployed as an effective alternative to onsite visits, and complete forensic images were received back in our forensic lab within 2 weeks - saving the clients several hundred thousand dollars in travel and onsite fees, while fulfilling an extremely tight governmental deadline obligation.

60 different custodians in 10 different countries!

A law firm client had a potentially expensive dilemma - A new case, where a legal obligation existed to forensically preserve computer workstations for 60 different custodians across 10 different countries in 3 different continents! The cost would have been close to six figures and would have been extremely difficult to coordinate. Instead, Remlox was deployed within 2 days and full physical forensic images were created within a week. The forensic lab received the images back via encrypted hard drive and courier in accordance with its Safe Harbor certification.

After validation at the lab, the forensic images were processed and searched, providing search results to the Law firm within days of receipt. This process could not have been performed at the speed and cost required by the client, without the use of Remlox. 

Remlox scores big in Africa

A corporate client who was responding to a discovery obligation in the United States, realized that they had four of their custodians on location in Lagos, Nigeria. The option to send a forensic engineer involved security risks and medical concerns, quite apart from the cost of travel. Remlox was deployed and the four custodians' forensic images were back in the computer forensic lab within 10 days, at a fraction of the alternative, and with full forensic imaging verification and validation.

Anchorage custodian has data

As a part of an internal investigation, a fortune 500 firm engaged Ricoh Forensics to forensically preserve computer hard drives from throughout the United States. While most of the hard drives resided in one central location, a key custodian was at one of their clients’ premises on a 3 month project in Anchorage, Alaska. While the forensic lab had no shortage of volunteers to make the journey north, the clients cost concerns became ours. Remlox was deployed by courier and returned 4 days later. The encrypted hard drive contained a full and complete forensic image of the custodians hard drive, and data was extracted directly from the image, in response to the investigation.

European data in USA!

Three custodians who resided in the European Union had their hard drives forensically imaged by Ricoh Forensics' Remlox tool. Under normal circumstances, the European Union's Privacy Directive would prevent trans-border data transportation. However, as Ricoh Forensics' computer forensics lab has Safe Harbor Certification, the data was transported by courier utilizing encrypted hard drives, allowing the corporate client to continue their preservation effort.

Bank uses Remlox in discovery

An international banking institution consistently uses Remlox to create forensic images of their key executives hard drives. Not only does this allow preservation of the data, but also provides the ability to perform retrospective investigations and analysis if required. Because Remlox works from within the Microsoft Windows operating system, all hard drive level encryption is defeated, yet the sensitive data is never exposed as encrypted hard drives store the forensic images in transit.